4 Factors that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

3 Feb

4 Factors that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

With today’s increasingly hectic lifestyle, being healthy is not just about eating a salad or a short walk occasionally, but it requires you put in some more effort and be consistent as your health is well worth it. In order to do that, apart from eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and practicing good hygiene, it is also important to avoid unhealthy eating habits and neglecting sleep. Lifestyle improvements take time and are gradual improvements but are easily accessible once you commit to the change.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy starts off with choosing foods that contain fairly minimal amounts of fat that is unhealthy, namely saturated fats. This kind of fat is typically the one that causes your LDL cholesterol to increase thereby increasing your risk for heart disease. Pizza, cheese, full fat dairy and red meat are some of these foods.


Exercise should be incorporated in to your lifestyle as a daily routine in order to improve your health and overall well being. Start off and finish exercise by stretching as these will give a warm up for your body before your work out and will also relax your muscles after the exercise routine. Make sure you go to the gym at least 3 to 5 times a week. Working out half an hour to an hour should suffice for most with a combination of both cardio and strength training. It is best if strength training is done at least twice a week. Apart from hitting the gym, you can also go for a jog or a walk in your neighborhood in a moderate pace for around 30 minutes. Incorporating some daily rigorous activities like gardening and house-keeping will also keep you active and also be a form of relaxing your mind.

Avoid diets or fad diets

Although dieting is considered to be norm to reduce weight mainly, most of them can be ineffective and cause more harm than good. Thus, avoid any liquid diets or diet pills, although any dietary supplements under the supervision of a doctor are recommended. If eating healthy and exercising are balanced out and practiced consistently, none of these external supplements would be needed.

Have enough sleep

Sleep is something that most people tend to ignore and this is one of the key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are studies that have shown that adults need to at least 7-9 hours of good sleep per night in order to function efficiently.

Good grooming

Showering daily, and overall well kept maintenance of the skin, hair, nails and body are vital to being healthy and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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