How to dress professionally to your workplace

30 Jan

How to dress professionally to your workplace

One of the most important traits of success in an office or an academic environment is to dress professionally. Your appearance plays an important role in making s statement on your professionalism as dressing up sloppily or inappropriately can lead to an unsuccessful career. Of course, the code of professionalism may vary from one work place to another but listed below are a few guidelines you can follow:

Always match the level of formality at your workplace

Some offices will provide a set of rules for the dress code while other places; you will have to make a judgment based on what the rest of the people are wearing. Formal business wear is usually what the high profile jobs look at mainly the government officials, lawyers, management officials and so on. Business casual attire is usually the term coined for less formal environments, however this is not entirely informal and once again differs from office to office. Black tie is standard for specific and special events such as awards ceremonies or galas. Your office culture factors in to how attire is defined, for example an advertisement company or a fashion based office may opt for more casual or creative pieces of clothing in comparison to an accounting firm.

Know what matches your personality and style

Know what type of colours suit your skin tone and the work setting. While there are no specific colours that are off limits in an office, it is best to stick to light or neutral colour palettes to maintain professionalism. Formal suits are typically, black brown, tan, gray or navy blues for both men and women while shirts tend to be whites and lighter shades. There is no reason to look dull however, and the addition of accessories and a pop of colour are always acceptable at any workplace. Regardless, as the saying goes, it is always better to be slightly overdressed that to be under dressed.

Good grooming habits

Good grooming is for the most part a no brainer and a great outfit will only take you so far. It does not matter however much you dress well if you have a bad haircut or lack personal hygiene. Therefore, be sure to be attentive to your entire appearance including your skin, hair and overall hygiene as this matters in making an impression of yourself overall. Showering, keeping your finger and toenails short and clean, using a deodorant are a few things that you must always consider. Good oral hygiene is essential and needs attention especially if you smoke or eat pungent food.

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